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Is anything happening?

Its been two months now since the shocking attacks in Mumbai on the 26th of November last year. For a quick chronology of the 26/11 attack, refer this link. The well choreographed plot by a bunch of teenage kids went on from the night of 26th November, Wednesday to 29th November, Saturday afternoon. All else killed but one captured by a couple of not heavily armed Mumbai cops. Brave men!

Soon, all fingers pointed towards Pakistan. Since then, there had been investigations by many groups on the plot. One of the much reputed international investigator agencies too dropped in. Our defense system was heard or felt to be assembling up for go-for-the-kill. The lone captured terrorist was a vital clue towards many aspects. We sure were no short of other vital proofs. But that’s all that has been happening. None has been sentenced to any trial. There is no news of any other big fish being in clutches of the law. There had been talks, discussions, added tensions and hostility, exchange of words, handling over of dossiers to Pak and all such drama. Its odd enough that India has been asking to hand over a few of the key terrorist masters like Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and Zarrar Shah, while Pak wouldn’t agree to comply stating that if any terror minds, if any found, as such will face trial in their own country. Interestingly though, the law in Pakistan currently do not have any provisions for dealing with those who had commited crimes outside the country.

Representatives from the international power who unhesitatingly consider them as being above all laws also attempted to resolve the tensions, making sure the worse do not happen – unlocking the nuclear warhead. Its ultimately in the hands of the countries which are involved in the soup. However there is the ‘system’ which we as usual are complaining about, that is still letting things hanging.

The past two months has seen many events unfolding with regard to the terror attacks. There is progress or not, I wonder how many does care about it now. Some of us are tired to sit and watch at the pace it is going. Some are sure nothing major will happen for at least a decade. Why? See the 1991 Mumbai bomb blasts case. That case was dragged at all ends possible for one reason or another. I was just a kid unaware of any such events back then in 1991. But only last year did we see the long list of criminals that were to be produced and acquitted ot convicted. Yet the main accused are yet to be netted.

But lets still have a hope. As the new Prez of the states has used – “Hope”! This Jan 29th is to see Pakistan respond to Indias file on proofs and records submitted to them. But there will be more to come until the real conclusion is reached. Or is it even going to conclude?

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Online tools that made my life easier

Most of the links here are what I happened to come through in my work process and were of some help. This listing is not in any particular order.
A very handy one to create doc and spreadsheet files on the move. Create it anywhere – access it anywhere. The new version is much more to better and fancy.
A free version online tool from that analyzes the quality of a website giving information from design end to SEO end.

Update: (26 Jul ’07) This free service has been stopped currently and is currently up with a new and dedicated domain.
Domain Name Service
If you got a blog, you will want it to be popular. But you may have to register in most of the sites to submit your blog.
A simple vendor discovery tool from Eric Peterson’s vault. It’s basically a script that can be used to tell the presence of different analytics packages. It basically searches following 9 packages from the following vendors: GA,CT,Websidestory,Omniture,Coremetrics,Fireclick,IBM Surfaid and WT.
To find std codes in India
PAN card related information.
Train running information that displays how late or fast a train is running.
Online railway reservation. A sign-in name is required.
For querying PIN code of a region or vice-versa. Often doesn’t seem to work though.

This is not an exhaustive list though and is entirely on my usage. May be I will add more or recompile the list later.

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