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Online tools that made my life easier

Most of the links here are what I happened to come through in my work process and were of some help. This listing is not in any particular order.
A very handy one to create doc and spreadsheet files on the move. Create it anywhere – access it anywhere. The new version is much more to better and fancy.
A free version online tool from that analyzes the quality of a website giving information from design end to SEO end.

Update: (26 Jul ’07) This free service has been stopped currently and is currently up with a new and dedicated domain.
Domain Name Service
If you got a blog, you will want it to be popular. But you may have to register in most of the sites to submit your blog.
A simple vendor discovery tool from Eric Peterson’s vault. It’s basically a script that can be used to tell the presence of different analytics packages. It basically searches following 9 packages from the following vendors: GA,CT,Websidestory,Omniture,Coremetrics,Fireclick,IBM Surfaid and WT.
To find std codes in India
PAN card related information.
Train running information that displays how late or fast a train is running.
Online railway reservation. A sign-in name is required.
For querying PIN code of a region or vice-versa. Often doesn’t seem to work though.

This is not an exhaustive list though and is entirely on my usage. May be I will add more or recompile the list later.

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