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For my Driving License

After inquiring in a motor driving school, I went to enroll for training last Saturday with the necessary documents. Training would be provided for 18 days for half an hour daily, at any required time. Soon enough I was asked to go to the RTO. Before going to the RTO office, I was given a short tutorial about traffic signs along with a small booklet about the same. At the RTO office, after standing in the queue for quite some time, I was finally there in front of one of the traffic inspectors (probably). I was asked to identify 3-4 road signs and getting through with that without a hitch, the inspector scribbled his signature and thumped a seal on my application. My Learning License will be ready by the coming Monday and after that starts my driving lessons. But this would be only for four wheelers and I need to get one for two wheelers too.

A two wheeler of a friend is also going to be arranged for me to get my hands on it. After having requested one of my friends to provide me biking training, I started learning riding a bike in a nearby field. His is an old Pulsar machine. Start ups were hiccups for me but after a few round ups and getting the understanding of it, I was successfully able to start and stop and change gears. Anyhow, this was my first day with my hands in it and I would need more practice to boost my confidence. Riding on the busy roads with bumper to bumper traffic would be a real challenge. That day also wouldn’t be far.

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I wanna learn driving

When I am traveling in those packed buses, joining the crowd of hundred other city bus commuters, having to breathe in the foul odour coming out of the person standing right next to me, I would often get this thought of owning a vehicle. Not to speak about the conductor who always finds his way from one side of the bus to the other side, no matter how packed it is. With a personal vehicle, I will not have to worry about the crowd and the rush that accompanies.


My problem as of now is that I haven’t driven any bike and don’t know how to drive a four wheeler. I don’t have a DLtoo. Even then, since last few weeks my desire to learn driving and to get a vehicle had been growing strongly. One of the reasons for not taking a vehicle till now has been due to my back ache, which I am used to living with everyday. When it comes to my back, I always say this line “I am accustomed to pain”. But when I see those really cool, sleek and sexy cruise bikes driving through, my mind quickly dreams of owning one and join the party. Boy, I am gonna learn driving.

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Festival of lights

It had been almost 6 years that I had not spent the biggest festival of lights with my family members. And 2006 saw the wish coming, though I don’t actually remember if I had made any such wish. From the year ’99 onwards I had been in this great hostel, the days which I can’t forget. The Trident, Hostel # 3 of Jorhat Engineering College. In 2004, I was finally an engineer and so I had chance to spend that Diwali with Mom. But I don’t seem to remember anything memorable. I was busy somewhere else.. and missed the fun.

Flower Pot The flickering, bursting and banging of crackers, throwing momentary moments of joy all around. Add to it the cheerful and joyous spirit of the kids and elders alike. Its simply lovely. And there are the sweets too.

This time I had my time and my share of joy with my eldermost uncle’s family in Panvel, Mumbai. There, I gave my bit surprise – A Diwali special for uncle and one of my cousin sisters, whom I call as Moniba. There were the sweets and crackers and fun of course. I was contented. The surprise worked. The fun I worked for me. Oh yes! The sweets worked for all. 🙂

After this many years, now I got to smell the gas released after the cracker bursts. Though its a foul smell, somehow I loved it like remembering the smell from earth when water sprikles over dry earth. Last year was one when I spent time with this cousin sister of mine. She was in Bangalore then and we had an evening stroll and some ice creams. Back in my room though, there were sweets and lots of drinks of course. Two days of skipping from office just to stay with my uncle’s family was worth it.

But time flew away very soon and it was ready to pack up. Festival of lights brings joy, they say, and it indeed did for me. See you Diwali next time.

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