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In a bid to Save the World

Environmentalists are doing their job outright. They are putting in their will and energy to save the world from the ruthless damages inflicted to her from all corners of the world. But that in itself is not enough. There are things which all other common people can follow to show that they care for the mother nature.

First thing that comes to my mind is about the automobile emissions. Why doesn’t the government ask all states to follow the CNG route? It’s clean and cheap. The national capital has implemented it. But that doesn’t suffice. All industrial emissions are also a major concern and the government’s role should be there in asking them to reduce or recycle. All the constructions with jazzy looking glass buildings should be reconstructed or stopped. Glass buildings look good but they are a severe threat to the nearby surroundings and hence to the environment. Plastic usage has been another piece of concern. The large
retail shops like Big Bazaar and such uses bulk quantities of plastic as wrappers. I spoke to one of the employees in Big Bazaar about the plastic carry bags they use and said they should use paper bags. He replied that the bags they use are in fact naturally degradable. I haven’t checked out about the truthfulness of his claim but hope he is right. Wherever you go for shopping, you end up with one or two more plastic items in your collection. End result being each house has loads of plastic bags. There had been campaigns in newspapers in both ways. Usage of plastic is good as long it is reused or degradable. If either of this doesn’t happen, then it’s a threat.

In trying to correct the things, there would obviously be huge costs involved but compared to the cost of rescuing the environment its nothing. Our earth has aged now and very soon is going to die. Though that cannot be prevented we can at least slow down the aging process if controlled steps are taken at the right time. I feel that the right time is already over but as is said, it’s never too late to start a good deed.

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World Environment Day

“Save the world”. Yesterday was the day most of the population suddenly gets the feel of saving the mother earth. With lots of media flare, a few ministers somewhere would plant some hundreds or maybe thousands of plants proudly displaying what a good deed they had done on this one day while the remaining three sixty four days they probably would not give a damn about it. Do these plants actually turn out to be real large trees? Has anybody counted on this? I guess not. Who would care?

Newspapers and news channels would only show snaps of the people who “pose to show” about their mission to save the world only on the 5th of June. In its World Environment Day concern, a top FM radio channel I was listening to was giving off plants in a tub to those who can claim that they are plant killers (Those who try to grow plants in the tub but due to many reasons the plant eventually dies). I thought “what an idea”! Give a plant to those who can’t ensure that the plant remains healthy so that this give away plant in a tub would also meet the same fate. A sad death. Poor plant!

The US president also raised voice showing concerns. Being one of the most developed and advanced countries in the world, have those top politicians ever wondered what was happening to the environment when they were going fast along the ladder of progress. No, he is making noise all over and wants all other under developed and developing countries to listen to him and act as what he says for the sake of saving the environment. In a way he is right. What the American nation couldn’t control during their developing stage, they want that to be controlled by the present second and third world countries. And look at India’s reply on his call. Our country is showing that emission levels here are far lower; also going to the state of saying that we can’t compromise development for the sake of protecting the environment. What a shame.

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