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Holy Cow! Shoo! What?

Speak about cow and Hinduism sees as a holy image. It’s not uncommon to see people touch a cow passing by the road and seek blessings by then touching their temple and heart with the right hand. In the countryside, they are of course used for farming and dairy products. The city side it would only serve as a dairy source and maybe some pulling bullock carts to transport supplies. But still, she is considered to be sacred, holy and so she is prayed to win some blessings. For the non-Hindu’s however, its possibly just another animal that is or was domesticated and would turn up as a menu item.


apathy of the cow which is holy in India

But its surprising that the same people who treat a cow holy can also treat them in a way which definitely is not an act of sanctity . The domestic cows are seen left to roaming around in streets of busy city roads. There are no caretakers for most of such marooned cows. They are let loose and left on their own if the owners cannot meet up the medical needs or if the cow is just like another white elephant – to just feed fodder and get no milk in return. It’s sad that the same cow who is looked as a figure attached with holiness is later turned aside as another liability. Does holiness fade away with time?

During a visit to a temple with my mom and two sisters, I saw a strange and funny combination of both at the same time. And it was saddening too. A newly wed couple with few other relatives were taking shelter from sun below the plastic roof of a shop when a cow strolled their side. The woman set her hand ahead, touched the head of the cow seeking blessings, closing her eyes and then touching her forehead and lower neck. Then suddenly, her husband hit the cow hard from back and pushed aside for her to move out from ‘their’ place yelling out “Shoo! Go away! Go Away!”. I am sure the cow also would have got puzzled as what is happening. From the front there is the woman praying her and adoring her while from the back, the guy is hitting her back shooing her away. Me and my sister were feeling sad for the cow but were also laughing over the couple at how the good and bad can happen at the same time, and in this case from the same family.

You can go to any religious place but no matter how many sacred chants you made, how many statues you prayed for blessings, as long as there is any ill-treatment from your side, there is no washing off your sins.


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Is anything happening?

Its been two months now since the shocking attacks in Mumbai on the 26th of November last year. For a quick chronology of the 26/11 attack, refer this link. The well choreographed plot by a bunch of teenage kids went on from the night of 26th November, Wednesday to 29th November, Saturday afternoon. All else killed but one captured by a couple of not heavily armed Mumbai cops. Brave men!

Soon, all fingers pointed towards Pakistan. Since then, there had been investigations by many groups on the plot. One of the much reputed international investigator agencies too dropped in. Our defense system was heard or felt to be assembling up for go-for-the-kill. The lone captured terrorist was a vital clue towards many aspects. We sure were no short of other vital proofs. But that’s all that has been happening. None has been sentenced to any trial. There is no news of any other big fish being in clutches of the law. There had been talks, discussions, added tensions and hostility, exchange of words, handling over of dossiers to Pak and all such drama. Its odd enough that India has been asking to hand over a few of the key terrorist masters like Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and Zarrar Shah, while Pak wouldn’t agree to comply stating that if any terror minds, if any found, as such will face trial in their own country. Interestingly though, the law in Pakistan currently do not have any provisions for dealing with those who had commited crimes outside the country.

Representatives from the international power who unhesitatingly consider them as being above all laws also attempted to resolve the tensions, making sure the worse do not happen – unlocking the nuclear warhead. Its ultimately in the hands of the countries which are involved in the soup. However there is the ‘system’ which we as usual are complaining about, that is still letting things hanging.

The past two months has seen many events unfolding with regard to the terror attacks. There is progress or not, I wonder how many does care about it now. Some of us are tired to sit and watch at the pace it is going. Some are sure nothing major will happen for at least a decade. Why? See the 1991 Mumbai bomb blasts case. That case was dragged at all ends possible for one reason or another. I was just a kid unaware of any such events back then in 1991. But only last year did we see the long list of criminals that were to be produced and acquitted ot convicted. Yet the main accused are yet to be netted.

But lets still have a hope. As the new Prez of the states has used – “Hope”! This Jan 29th is to see Pakistan respond to Indias file on proofs and records submitted to them. But there will be more to come until the real conclusion is reached. Or is it even going to conclude?

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Mumbai…Terrorised Again!

It was this 26th November and we happened to witness one of the worst attacks right in front of our eyes. Like me, I am sure many of us had been glued on to the news channels for a second by second update on whats happening in and around the prestigious Taj Hotel, Oberio, Trident, Vile Parle and many other places which were surprisingly attacked as one part of the world was getting onto their mattresses to catch onto some good dreams. Major cities of the world are often looked upon as soft targets. Only when something unnatural happens somewhere is the security tightened up. Yeah! I hope the authorities have nabbed the culprits likewise in other past events like that.

But what happened in Mumbai now was a totally different picture with many dimensions. The security forces were busy formulating plans on how to get it under control. Of course, the police and security personnel commented that “things were under control”. But was it really under control? Does it take 3 days to end if it was really under control? What really was under control then? Toll of the dead people kept on piling up. Those who got stuck within the premises of the attack zone had a hard time convincing themselves that they will be free soon. But their inner self wouldn’t agree. Finally as it appeared that its going to end, we again get to hear and see the busy military activity to completely secure the premises. As people prayed for the terror to pass soon, it had to be the marine corps, the NSG, the army and such special forces that brought those “dooms days” to an end.

The curtain has dropped now. Yet there was still more onto it. The home minister resigned as the nation backfired all possible loop holes. Question were asked. Fingers were pointed at. Politicians banked on this as an opportunity to get onto their rivals and those in power. No one is spared. Newspapers came up with all possible stories in the days to follow. A unique dimension in this attack was it was the ones placed in high society who had to suffer the blows…for long paused hours. There were quite a few high profile icons who succumbed to the unfortunate attacks. That burnt a huge hole. How often do we hear that so many highly placed peronas are injured or dead. Its always the general mass. So now those placed in the high society and such are in this new fear grip. They had to act. Candle light march, brain-storming sessions, placard displays soon followed. The weak link of co-operation and well being between and India and Pakistan has begun to get loose. And even after the situation seems to have settled down today, there is still more to be uncovered and exposed. Whats not sure is how much more is to follow and how long does it take for this to be cracked.

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Pain and suffering


At some point of time, I am sure one or the other has searched for this term in their favorite search engines. As of this moment when this is being typed, if someone has tried that set of word using the largest search engine, then eight out of the first ten results would show about accidents and insurance claims arising out of an accident. I was a bit bewildered. According to the Wikipedia, another amazing repository for knowledge, “Pain and suffering” is the legal term for the physical and emotional stress caused from an injury. It serves as a set of collective words here.

I am no expert in pain dealing, but there’s more to pain and suffering.

My post on Pain was entirely about all the pain I had suffered on one unfortunate day. That however didn’t end then and there. I had to go through a surgery two days after that, during which of course I was under anesthetics, but the next few nights were utterly painful. Shots of pain killers still came but I stopped the nurses from injecting. I decided it was better to bear the lesser pain but not the pain killers any more.

Then the other day, I happened to watch the Edward Norton and Brad Pitt starrer movie “Fight Club” and I found some logic in few things in it. The movie is no doubt a wonderful one as is also apparent from its position in the IMDB top 250 listings.

There are pain, suffering, misery of so many kinds to which human beings try to bind their emotions but try to stay away at the same time. We fear pain. But what if one gets accustomed to all sorts of physical torments? Then it leads to fearlessness. Pain becomes a form of enjoyment once you are used to it. Well this enjoyment need not necessarily be the same form as is accepted in general. Imagine that as a form of ecstasy of a kick boxer who had gone through many rounds of fights, after the few or many blows to him or her by the opponents and finally emerged out victorious. That kick boxer would swallow all the blows, however hard they may be, down the throat and would begin to feel lively. But in the movie “Fight Club”, most of the injuries was to forget pain and to “know” that someday everyone was gonna die. And as one of the lines in the movie goes “What would you wish you’d have done before you died?” or put another way – “what would you like to do at this moment if you knew that you are going to die?” Would sound like a pretty insane question to the audience, but that’s a question I think one needs to ask to his or her true self most often if not everyday. Why? Because, the answer to that can give a better meaning to the life of that individual.

So what’s the essence of the matter? Pain and suffering are and had been there. But just as it depends upon how one views at a certain matter, it matters here as well. Whether one cries and gets carried away by the pain, or begins to enjoy it? That’s the perspective.

Nevertheless, the other form of pain – emotional, is much hard to tackle. A character in a very popular TV series of the present time says “First you show me that I can’t be hurt by any weapon and then you cut me deeper than any blade”. Physical pain heals with time but the trauma of an emotional one could last for as long as the soul lives. There had been many instances where one is hurt emotionally since time and again. And when it comes to the matter of love, the pain inflicted when betrayed is much more. That would remain fresh and volatile. Whatever one does, wherever one goes, a mere thought of the betrayal would always make a misery out of life. End to physical pain is to succumb to it – death. An emotional suffering on the other hand could lead to a harrowing end or may be there is no end to it at all. But as they say, may be “time heals everything”.

Going by the legal term, insurance claims can be made for “Pain and suffering” but that would deal only with the physical form, but it can never take care of the emotional but. Coming back to me, for long I have learned to accept pain. As much explains when I picked up this line for me “I am accustomed to pain”, as Frankenstein said.

To end with, I came across an amusing line that read, “As soon as you’re born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time!”

If there are any other perspective on this, just add in.

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In a bid to Save the World

Environmentalists are doing their job outright. They are putting in their will and energy to save the world from the ruthless damages inflicted to her from all corners of the world. But that in itself is not enough. There are things which all other common people can follow to show that they care for the mother nature.

First thing that comes to my mind is about the automobile emissions. Why doesn’t the government ask all states to follow the CNG route? It’s clean and cheap. The national capital has implemented it. But that doesn’t suffice. All industrial emissions are also a major concern and the government’s role should be there in asking them to reduce or recycle. All the constructions with jazzy looking glass buildings should be reconstructed or stopped. Glass buildings look good but they are a severe threat to the nearby surroundings and hence to the environment. Plastic usage has been another piece of concern. The large
retail shops like Big Bazaar and such uses bulk quantities of plastic as wrappers. I spoke to one of the employees in Big Bazaar about the plastic carry bags they use and said they should use paper bags. He replied that the bags they use are in fact naturally degradable. I haven’t checked out about the truthfulness of his claim but hope he is right. Wherever you go for shopping, you end up with one or two more plastic items in your collection. End result being each house has loads of plastic bags. There had been campaigns in newspapers in both ways. Usage of plastic is good as long it is reused or degradable. If either of this doesn’t happen, then it’s a threat.

In trying to correct the things, there would obviously be huge costs involved but compared to the cost of rescuing the environment its nothing. Our earth has aged now and very soon is going to die. Though that cannot be prevented we can at least slow down the aging process if controlled steps are taken at the right time. I feel that the right time is already over but as is said, it’s never too late to start a good deed.

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World Environment Day

“Save the world”. Yesterday was the day most of the population suddenly gets the feel of saving the mother earth. With lots of media flare, a few ministers somewhere would plant some hundreds or maybe thousands of plants proudly displaying what a good deed they had done on this one day while the remaining three sixty four days they probably would not give a damn about it. Do these plants actually turn out to be real large trees? Has anybody counted on this? I guess not. Who would care?

Newspapers and news channels would only show snaps of the people who “pose to show” about their mission to save the world only on the 5th of June. In its World Environment Day concern, a top FM radio channel I was listening to was giving off plants in a tub to those who can claim that they are plant killers (Those who try to grow plants in the tub but due to many reasons the plant eventually dies). I thought “what an idea”! Give a plant to those who can’t ensure that the plant remains healthy so that this give away plant in a tub would also meet the same fate. A sad death. Poor plant!

The US president also raised voice showing concerns. Being one of the most developed and advanced countries in the world, have those top politicians ever wondered what was happening to the environment when they were going fast along the ladder of progress. No, he is making noise all over and wants all other under developed and developing countries to listen to him and act as what he says for the sake of saving the environment. In a way he is right. What the American nation couldn’t control during their developing stage, they want that to be controlled by the present second and third world countries. And look at India’s reply on his call. Our country is showing that emission levels here are far lower; also going to the state of saying that we can’t compromise development for the sake of protecting the environment. What a shame.

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