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The Trips n Travel Transcribe

I am an activity filled guy. Its only that the near environment sometimes eats up my active nature. With quite a few outdoor trips I had made, I had never written about any trekking and travel experiences so far. And to describe those trips I had made or am going for in future, I came up with the idea of putting all those bits and pieces and also describe them in another blog.

So any topic related to my past, present and future trips will be posted in my “Trips n Travel Transcribe“.

Also there was another need for moving to Blogspot instead of opening one in WordPress itself. I was asked from office to open a blog with the Google Analytics tracking code implemented along with Statcounter code. Many a times have I tried with implementing the Google Analytics code in this blog but since WordPress already provides blog stats, however basic or simple that may be, it doesn’t allow additionally including Google Analytics code. However I have successfully incorporated gostats and Statcounter scripts to find visitor activities. So I thought it was better to move to blogger. Unlike WordPress, I don’t see any option in blogger for integrated blog stats but its pretty easy to include third party tracking code. Yet I will still miss the kind of basic stats for my “Trips n Travel Transcribe“.

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