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The Real Inspector Hound


With much curiosity, I and a friend of mine went to see this play last Saturday. The first thing I could notice was that the play appeared to have started already. But wait a minute! Aren’t the lights over the audience seating space supposed to be dimmed out? Why were they still on? Has the play started really? Why is one of the casts already there on the stage, comfortably seated, as if he was also waiting for his audience to grab their seats, as if he he didn’t want anyone to miss the play “from the beginning”? Too many questions in the beginning itself!

A mystery well built. It was only much later we realized that it was in ‘Pause’ mode. A play with a pause button!

The attraction point for me in this play was Kalki Koechlin. She is one gorgeous and talented lady in the movies and this being a play, where I get to see her LIVE, I couldn’t miss the opportunity! As the play carried on momentum, the humor in the play was getting its place. The character sitting in the ‘pause’ mood in the beginning was a critic, Moon, watching a play along with another critic partner of his, Birdboot, a womaniser indicated to have an affair with one of the actors in the play he is watching. Wow! A play within a play it is then. As and when the other characters start appearing, the light and sometimes sarcastic comic gets some good deserving rumbling laughter from the audience. Oh! BTW, it was a packed house.

And then, Kalki aka Cynthia showed up on the stage. It was a moment of aghast pause for me. She was sophisticated and mesmerizingly beautiful; needless to say, talented too. Her act was flawless, as well as the others in the lineup. There was energy on the stage. The part when she grabs and pulls up her sleeveless purple long frock, on the pretext of “I love Albert”, which was quite repetitive but not annoying at all, was one of the amusing scenes.

The Real Hound Inspector is a comical spoof mystery thriller. The plot is a secluded England house, which gave me the feeling of one of the houses pictured by Emily Bronte in Wuthering Heights. The mystery however turned into a confusion for half of the audience when the critics, Birdoot and Moon, merges with the play they were watching and criticizing. More so confusing because the whole act repeated itself with laughable twists. The “not” real hound inspector, as it turned out later, was amazingly hilarious. His flawless dialogue delivery to raise the humor is credible. Here is one of them “Don’t hide anything, begin from the beginning…”. Only if I could add the intense emotion with which he delivered this line! However it appeared to me as if the character matched to Inspector Jack Clouseau from The Pink Panther. We finally got to know The Real Inspector Hound and the lights went dim.

The audience were surely working out in their heads what they had witnessed. It was like trying to solve a puzzle. Nevertheless, the play was met with laudable applaud. While leaving, two people from the theatre group urged the audience to pen down their feedback on a large whiteboard. I noticed one comment which read “Confusingly Interesting”! Well said in my opinion. Yet it was worth the money and even urged me to come back and watch the play again.


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