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Mikaeel he was at the age of 50, when he left the followers of his style of pop in a loss. It was reported that most of the community websites unavailable when the news broke out. Some were in shock and disbelief, some were heartbroken.

It was November last year that Michael Jackson had become Mikaeel, embracing Islam. In fact, most of the people in his reach went towards same faith. His songwriter David who became Dawud, his producer who turned from Phillip Bubal to Idris Phillips and his brother Jermaine.

He was black and yet he was white. It was probably this song “Black or White” that I first heard about MJ and started liking his songs thereafter and also those which were already present before but I didnt even hear of! As sort of his comeback to the stage after a long enough gap, his London show was eagerly awaited by millions of his fan followers but alas, sadly he couldn’t last till then. It’s a wait that is going to be a wait forever. He left a gap within all which will be felt for long now. It was supposedly the last of his performances.

He lived like a king – he was the king of pop, but he died in debt. The later part of his life went with a lot of media publicized controversies. He didn’t want to die young like Elvis, and 50 is well not young enough. The gods kept that part in mind I guess and has made it appear a bit mysterious as well.

Rest in Peace Michael alias Mikaeel.

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  1. I remember his Thriller album in the 80s. It was the best music out. “Smooth Criminal” is my favorite video.

    Comment by mike | June 29, 2009 | Reply

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