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Friendship Talk

    The other day, I and a very good friend of mine were having a chat exchange on the matter of friendship. It started off as a slow and gradual talk initially offline but when we got onto chat, we went on to discuss a few matters in a very serious tone. And this is what we came out with, which I have of course edited slightly to obfuscate any reference to any person for privacy concerns.


me: ……

Other person: ……

me: You are one kinda person i won’t forget in future I guess. 🙂

Other person: that was sweet :). Won’t allow you to forget also 😛

me: I should be hating u. Ain’t I?

Other person: hahah, Why??? Why should you be hating me?? 😛

me: You know why!

Other person: hahah. Naah.. I don’t do things that someone should hate :P. But depends on individual perspective.

me: or is it that my thinking has gone orthodox.

Other person: hmm. Naah. Just that I have been too unorthodox. Like in the western world. I live like that.

me: should say Yes to that.

Other person: again depends 🙂 You can say yes to anything u think is right  😛

me: But who decides what is right n what is not?

Other person: no one can decide. What is right for u can be wrong for me and other way round  🙂  What u believe is right will be right for you. That’s it. This is no trigonometry, physics or chemistry to have theorems that can prove  anything. This is life 🙂

me: Even one in a mental asylum would believe his deeds are right.. But the wardens try to keep correcting the “wrong” to right.

Other person: but how do you know what is right for one and what is not? Sometimes we have to lie. They say telling lies is wrong.

me: maybe. Depends upon ethics and morals.

Other person: But if it helps someone, and harms no one then how can it be wrong. I think it becomes wrong when u think u have to say the truth of something that can hurt someone. Even the basic principles of moral sciences go wrong sometimes….

me: so do u mean the point of time when I asked u about ‘……..’, it was wrong?

Other person: Hey Naaah. This is a part of being there for each other. These are not things that matter. At least not to me. Relax 🙂 You were right in what you asked. Else I would have toldanyway. Better to tell things than let you assume!

me: Yah. Right! Reminds me of my line – “Just friends to good friends to best friends to…… where does this end?”

Other person: hahahaha. Naughty!

me: I am glad i gained the guts to ask.

Other person: haha.

me: and much more glad that u responded and didn’t discard it off.

Other person: haha. You know me. I don’t take anything at heart.

me: i would like to limit my kinda “BEST” friends to that level only

Other person: what level?

me: to the level I have gone with you!

Other person: Yeah. I know. That’s nice and nothing to hide kind of relationship. Relax 🙂 You are very sweet…. you know

me: Thanks for that. Ok. Chuck it. This is again going somewhere. I said earlier I didn’t want to talk on chat about this. Better is face to face.

Other person: hahaha.

me: or the notepad way at least :0)

Other person: yeah that’s better.

me: That’s a good way of interaction when two ppl are with each other and none of them can speak openly.

Other person: hehe. Yeah I do that often 😛


That concluded the serious and philosophical discussion. Please note that these statements are strictly personal and may not necessarily abide by established sources.

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