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The battery heat

BL-5C. Thats the Nokia faulty cellphone battery series that had created a ripple of tension among the crowd. Battery overheating issue got long running stories in the newspapers. There were news of injuries as well to one or two due to cellphone bursting. Not all were foul ones though. The company allowed the phone owners to check the battery serial number of this series and confirm if it was affected. Most of them had to be replaced. My friend had also found his phone battery in the faulty series and sent it for replacement.

Then one day he received a big envelope couriered through DHL Express. Strangely there was no sender’s address or name. He though it to be some big parcel inside but came out the new Nokia cellphone battery. We were all smiles seeing the packet. The battery was about 20 times smaller than the whole envelope itself. Nice courier DHL.

DHL courier
The replacement Nokia cellphone battery placed towards the right

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