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Breakfast for Zero Rupees

Just look at that
Plain Dosa   00-00
1 Set Dosa   00-00

The Menu

I’m in a sort of fun mood now and so thought of posting this. I happened to be in this restaurant one afternoon for lunch with a friend of mine and was smiling to myself when I noticed this typo in the menu. No worries for those hungry in the early morning now. If anybody has somehow landed in Bangalore and is less on cash, they can try this restaurant, the menu of which shows to have two items to offer for breakfast.

I say why only two items. Anyone would love free food. Anybody wanna try, just go ahead and ask if they are offering that in reality.Don’t get me serious. Let me state here that I shall not be responsible for any claims by anyone if they don’t find that item for virtually Rs. 0/-. And i hope the Kohinoor restaurant people don’t get furious at me. At least I am increasing their customers. But do let me know if they indeed offer that.

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July 30, 2007 Posted by | General | 2 Comments