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Feel Like God

The Black Beauty

After my firm decision on buying a cruise bike, there was nothing better than going for the 180cc Avenger by Bajaj. The more I thought about it, more I began to see this cruiser on the road. 1st of July and I booked one for me. I was told that delivery would take 20 to 25 days. Such a long wait. Well, in the meantime I can arrange the money. It sure isn’t cheap. On road price in Bangalore city was Rs. 70,110/-. Two weeks later I made a payment of near about 40% and the rest turned into EMI.

And just two days later, on the 18th day, I was told that the vehicle was ready to own. I didn’t wait and soon after 3-4 hours I was riding my new black cruiser.

Like they have branded it, I surely “It feels like God”.


July 21, 2007 Posted by | General | 1 Comment