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All Those Spams

“you have received a postcard from…..”
“Classmate has sent you a card”
“X has sent you a Greeting Card”

And what not! Spam Mails! If anybody checks his or her mailbox very often then its certain to show up at least one mail with these lines in the subject of the mail. Ways People find for popularizing products and also to exploit computer systems. At one point there were people who were desperate to sell Viagra.

Now A postcard from a “friend”, “classmate”, “family member”.

The latest one since last few days has been this subject line in most of the emails I have been receiving in my mailbox. and who are they from. I don’t know. I am sure people in more than half the globe had been seeing these similar kinda mails and are too much stressed out. Usually the spam filters of our mailing service identifies these as an obvious spam but my mailing system is not filtering out all of these mails. Few of them do land in the junk box though. Spammers all over have been trying various ways of landing up in the inbox of unsuspecting people. And now to break the present configuration of filters, they have devoted themselves to mailing as a greeting card or a postcard. The worse part is that these mails do not say much but give links to an obnoxious website that seems very much ok (but is not). One click and your web browser or at the worst your computer might be hijacked or exploited in some other way. In almost all these spams, I have seen that the web link doesn’t have a domain name but just an IP like and some texts following after that. The texts in the mail will always be filled with grammatical errors and written in such a way that you should have to click on the link which is often framed like this one – “We hope you enjoy your awesome card”. What a joke!

Online greetings are most common now-a-days and so spammers are targeting this service. In the process its actually the e-card senders who are having to bear the burden as even their legitimate mails might also be eyed as a malicious spam. But if we keep a sharp eye, it will be easy to identify and segregate the sour from the sweet.

I hope people beware and don’t fall for these kind of cheap tricks.

My message to the spammers who may be cursing me by now “Please find some creative and socially acceptable work”

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Breakfast for Zero Rupees

Just look at that
Plain Dosa   00-00
1 Set Dosa   00-00

The Menu

I’m in a sort of fun mood now and so thought of posting this. I happened to be in this restaurant one afternoon for lunch with a friend of mine and was smiling to myself when I noticed this typo in the menu. No worries for those hungry in the early morning now. If anybody has somehow landed in Bangalore and is less on cash, they can try this restaurant, the menu of which shows to have two items to offer for breakfast.

I say why only two items. Anyone would love free food. Anybody wanna try, just go ahead and ask if they are offering that in reality.Don’t get me serious. Let me state here that I shall not be responsible for any claims by anyone if they don’t find that item for virtually Rs. 0/-. And i hope the Kohinoor restaurant people don’t get furious at me. At least I am increasing their customers. But do let me know if they indeed offer that.

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Online tools that made my life easier

Most of the links here are what I happened to come through in my work process and were of some help. This listing is not in any particular order.
A very handy one to create doc and spreadsheet files on the move. Create it anywhere – access it anywhere. The new version is much more to better and fancy.
A free version online tool from that analyzes the quality of a website giving information from design end to SEO end.

Update: (26 Jul ’07) This free service has been stopped currently and is currently up with a new and dedicated domain.
Domain Name Service
If you got a blog, you will want it to be popular. But you may have to register in most of the sites to submit your blog.
A simple vendor discovery tool from Eric Peterson’s vault. It’s basically a script that can be used to tell the presence of different analytics packages. It basically searches following 9 packages from the following vendors: GA,CT,Websidestory,Omniture,Coremetrics,Fireclick,IBM Surfaid and WT.
To find std codes in India
PAN card related information.
Train running information that displays how late or fast a train is running.
Online railway reservation. A sign-in name is required.
For querying PIN code of a region or vice-versa. Often doesn’t seem to work though.

This is not an exhaustive list though and is entirely on my usage. May be I will add more or recompile the list later.

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Feel Like God

The Black Beauty

After my firm decision on buying a cruise bike, there was nothing better than going for the 180cc Avenger by Bajaj. The more I thought about it, more I began to see this cruiser on the road. 1st of July and I booked one for me. I was told that delivery would take 20 to 25 days. Such a long wait. Well, in the meantime I can arrange the money. It sure isn’t cheap. On road price in Bangalore city was Rs. 70,110/-. Two weeks later I made a payment of near about 40% and the rest turned into EMI.

And just two days later, on the 18th day, I was told that the vehicle was ready to own. I didn’t wait and soon after 3-4 hours I was riding my new black cruiser.

Like they have branded it, I surely “It feels like God”.

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New Seven Wonders of the world Re-listed

As a follow up of my previous post Seven Woders Re-Listing, the waiting period is finally over. The seven wonders of the new world has been finally made public in Lisbon on what had been considered the perfect time for the declaration, 07-07-07. It was a gala ceremony to crown those marvelous monuments which made to the final list out of the twenty one. And as an icing on the cake, the Taj Mahal was respectfully there in the list of final seven. Phew! The eternal symbol of love has been able to make a charm impression.

But with there being this new list, I have a strong feeling that we might forget the wonders of the ancient world as time passes. At this point it would be perfect to list those past wonders in chronological order, only one of which sadly stand now:

  1. the Pyramids of Egypt,
  2. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon,
  3. the statue of Zeus at Olympia,
  4. the temple of Artemis at Ephesus,
  5. the mausoleum at Halicarnassus,
  6. the Colossus of Rhodes, and
  7. the Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria

And now we have the list redone considering the wonders which still stand in the new world. And they are:

  1. Chichén Itzá in Mexico
  2. Christ Redeemer in Brazil
  3. The Great Wall of China
  4. Machu Picchu in Peru
  5. Petra in Jordan
  6. The Roman Colloseum in Italy
  7. The Taj Mahal in India

May the wonders survive for the eternal time. For details you may follow the official website of the New 7 wonders associaton.

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