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For my Driving License

After inquiring in a motor driving school, I went to enroll for training last Saturday with the necessary documents. Training would be provided for 18 days for half an hour daily, at any required time. Soon enough I was asked to go to the RTO. Before going to the RTO office, I was given a short tutorial about traffic signs along with a small booklet about the same. At the RTO office, after standing in the queue for quite some time, I was finally there in front of one of the traffic inspectors (probably). I was asked to identify 3-4 road signs and getting through with that without a hitch, the inspector scribbled his signature and thumped a seal on my application. My Learning License will be ready by the coming Monday and after that starts my driving lessons. But this would be only for four wheelers and I need to get one for two wheelers too.

A two wheeler of a friend is also going to be arranged for me to get my hands on it. After having requested one of my friends to provide me biking training, I started learning riding a bike in a nearby field. His is an old Pulsar machine. Start ups were hiccups for me but after a few round ups and getting the understanding of it, I was successfully able to start and stop and change gears. Anyhow, this was my first day with my hands in it and I would need more practice to boost my confidence. Riding on the busy roads with bumper to bumper traffic would be a real challenge. That day also wouldn’t be far.

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May 27, 2007 - Posted by | General, Persona

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