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Got A New Cellphone

        My cellphone is gone and my FIR work done. Until today, I made sure to keep it secure whenever I was traveling or out somewhere alone so that it does not attract any prospective or smart thieves. Now, though I had a discomfort of losing it along with all my contacts and some additional notes of information, I was still keeping my cool. Looking into the brighter side, I could think of purchasing a new one.

By the end of the day, I had my replacement sim cards with the same numbers. Only task remaining was to jack in the sim in its proper place. I am fan of Sony Ericsson phones and so that was always my first choice. I had zeroed down on one new model of the walkman My Sony Ericsson w830iseries and went to cellphones showroom. But what I had seen in the website has not yet come to the market. I hated it but I had to chose amongst the other pre-existing phones now and one actually drew my attention. A walkman slide phone with 1 gig memory stick and had many more good features. No I don’t intend to do any review of the phone as of now. To sum it up, I liked it. I took it. A Sony Ericsson w830i with a price tag of 16.8K . Frankly, the phone being fully loaded with things I look out for, I don’t regret the price I shelved out. Worth a deal and I am loving the very experience of it, ranging from the looks, weight, features to ergonomics.

The Sexy Gizmo        The sleek and sexy thing is adding value as I am fully involved with it now, making utmost use of almost all its features and may be there’s still more to explore. Adding further value to my purchase, I got a cool headphone worth 2.5 grands as a complimentary gift. Sure I am not complaining now. Road to my first high end cellphone.

May 2, 2007 - Posted by | General

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