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First FIR

    Oddly, the name sounds like lack of grammatical sense – “First First Information Report”. First FIR is my summed up arrangement of words. May it be right or wrong, I kind of preferred using the term. Today it became the first day in my life when I went to a police station (as a victim) and lodged a complaint in the early hours of the morning. Reason being, two cellphones were stolen right from inside our house taking advantage of an unlocked door, a sleeping friend and a showering me. A deep sleep it was as we had had bottle of beer the previous night.

Unable to find either of our cell phones after much ransacking all over the place we had to accept the truth. It was stolen from right under our nose leaving us pondering as to who could be so brave to enter the house. Two cell phones (mine and my friends) and later my friend discovered his wallet was also missing. Soon we made frantic attempts at calling our numbers. As it usually happens in Bangalore, we heard “switched off” on dialing our numbers. Interestingly both the cell phones had two sim cards inside. Four cards gone in a whisk. Whoever stole it was sure having a lucky day. The thief would surely be thrilled to find pairs of sim cards in each of the cell phones. Being quick to be able to reply was a solution. So without giving a second thought we headed straight for the nearest police station. After being made to wait for some time, I practically lodged my first FIR against loss of our little valuable properties. That sleek Sony Ericsson T630 was also my first cell phone bought with my hard earned money.

The day has become a day of firsts. And there’s more to continue for the day.

May 2, 2007 - Posted by | General

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