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For my Driving License

After inquiring in a motor driving school, I went to enroll for training last Saturday with the necessary documents. Training would be provided for 18 days for half an hour daily, at any required time. Soon enough I was asked to go to the RTO. Before going to the RTO office, I was given a short tutorial about traffic signs along with a small booklet about the same. At the RTO office, after standing in the queue for quite some time, I was finally there in front of one of the traffic inspectors (probably). I was asked to identify 3-4 road signs and getting through with that without a hitch, the inspector scribbled his signature and thumped a seal on my application. My Learning License will be ready by the coming Monday and after that starts my driving lessons. But this would be only for four wheelers and I need to get one for two wheelers too.

A two wheeler of a friend is also going to be arranged for me to get my hands on it. After having requested one of my friends to provide me biking training, I started learning riding a bike in a nearby field. His is an old Pulsar machine. Start ups were hiccups for me but after a few round ups and getting the understanding of it, I was successfully able to start and stop and change gears. Anyhow, this was my first day with my hands in it and I would need more practice to boost my confidence. Riding on the busy roads with bumper to bumper traffic would be a real challenge. That day also wouldn’t be far.

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I wanna learn driving

When I am traveling in those packed buses, joining the crowd of hundred other city bus commuters, having to breathe in the foul odour coming out of the person standing right next to me, I would often get this thought of owning a vehicle. Not to speak about the conductor who always finds his way from one side of the bus to the other side, no matter how packed it is. With a personal vehicle, I will not have to worry about the crowd and the rush that accompanies.


My problem as of now is that I haven’t driven any bike and don’t know how to drive a four wheeler. I don’t have a DLtoo. Even then, since last few weeks my desire to learn driving and to get a vehicle had been growing strongly. One of the reasons for not taking a vehicle till now has been due to my back ache, which I am used to living with everyday. When it comes to my back, I always say this line “I am accustomed to pain”. But when I see those really cool, sleek and sexy cruise bikes driving through, my mind quickly dreams of owning one and join the party. Boy, I am gonna learn driving.

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Got A New Cellphone

        My cellphone is gone and my FIR work done. Until today, I made sure to keep it secure whenever I was traveling or out somewhere alone so that it does not attract any prospective or smart thieves. Now, though I had a discomfort of losing it along with all my contacts and some additional notes of information, I was still keeping my cool. Looking into the brighter side, I could think of purchasing a new one.

By the end of the day, I had my replacement sim cards with the same numbers. Only task remaining was to jack in the sim in its proper place. I am fan of Sony Ericsson phones and so that was always my first choice. I had zeroed down on one new model of the walkman My Sony Ericsson w830iseries and went to cellphones showroom. But what I had seen in the website has not yet come to the market. I hated it but I had to chose amongst the other pre-existing phones now and one actually drew my attention. A walkman slide phone with 1 gig memory stick and had many more good features. No I don’t intend to do any review of the phone as of now. To sum it up, I liked it. I took it. A Sony Ericsson w830i with a price tag of 16.8K . Frankly, the phone being fully loaded with things I look out for, I don’t regret the price I shelved out. Worth a deal and I am loving the very experience of it, ranging from the looks, weight, features to ergonomics.

The Sexy Gizmo        The sleek and sexy thing is adding value as I am fully involved with it now, making utmost use of almost all its features and may be there’s still more to explore. Adding further value to my purchase, I got a cool headphone worth 2.5 grands as a complimentary gift. Sure I am not complaining now. Road to my first high end cellphone.

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First FIR

    Oddly, the name sounds like lack of grammatical sense – “First First Information Report”. First FIR is my summed up arrangement of words. May it be right or wrong, I kind of preferred using the term. Today it became the first day in my life when I went to a police station (as a victim) and lodged a complaint in the early hours of the morning. Reason being, two cellphones were stolen right from inside our house taking advantage of an unlocked door, a sleeping friend and a showering me. A deep sleep it was as we had had bottle of beer the previous night.

Unable to find either of our cell phones after much ransacking all over the place we had to accept the truth. It was stolen from right under our nose leaving us pondering as to who could be so brave to enter the house. Two cell phones (mine and my friends) and later my friend discovered his wallet was also missing. Soon we made frantic attempts at calling our numbers. As it usually happens in Bangalore, we heard “switched off” on dialing our numbers. Interestingly both the cell phones had two sim cards inside. Four cards gone in a whisk. Whoever stole it was sure having a lucky day. The thief would surely be thrilled to find pairs of sim cards in each of the cell phones. Being quick to be able to reply was a solution. So without giving a second thought we headed straight for the nearest police station. After being made to wait for some time, I practically lodged my first FIR against loss of our little valuable properties. That sleek Sony Ericsson T630 was also my first cell phone bought with my hard earned money.

The day has become a day of firsts. And there’s more to continue for the day.

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