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Kisses and their voices

A couple of weeks back she was a Hero(ine). People were praising and wooing her for her speaking out in the open about the abuse done to her by a Britisher during the reality show – Big Boss. People talked and were glad that the traces of racial discrimination which still existed in the minds of a few unchanging minds had popped out. Facts that had been lying dormant had been exposed. However, justice seemed to be served then. She was a winner. All were happy.

Whats the scene now with the same Hero(ine). The same sentiments are nowhere near to be seen. It was about aids awareness to a large group of lorry drivers who are usually prone to aids, often due to lack of knowledge.
And when a few well wishing people looked into the matter to educate them in this context, celluloid icons standing up for the cause, a few kisses (not so passionate as in any movies) were implanted in a very romantic way, the so called moral groups rose up against it. Richard Gere kissed Big Boss winner on her cheeks (not lips) again and again. The message was clear. Be safe. Prevent aids.
The kiss
But out there on the other circuits, fingers were raised. It was said to be vulgar. Moreover it was said not to be in Indian culture. What the heck. My two question to these voice raisers:

1. Have you heard of Kamasutra?
2. Where did Kamasutra originate from?

I am sure that these so called moral polices are being very narrow minded and making a fool of Indian culture. Its not sure whether the same people want to see the country prospering or not. If not then let hell loose. If yes, are they ever aware that these only add a sense of humour to the people outside. Time and again they had been and will be raising their voices displaying their cultural integrity. Well then, can these guys also look into the other so often happening issues in the country. Can they or are they ever going to raise their voices against domestic torture against women, rape of girls as small as their own kids, foeticide, useless public rallys and all those. No they won’t do anything. Just sit back hear the news.

Long live India.

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Delhii Heights follows 300

Of late I have been in a movie watching race. With loads of movie lying there at our place, there was this urge to watch some latest movies at the theatre. And there was this movie that put Delhi with an extra ‘i’.

When Rabbi Shergil’s song “Dilli” in his not to miss voice comes on TV, I would be there to get the feel of the whole composition. It was so damn good….the Rabbi style. And then there was this Holi song “Ey Gori” which was a neat fun song for the occasion. The video that cam on TV in between the lots of commercials was also eye pleasing. Neha Dhupia looked gorgeous and to add to the beauty of the song, Sonu Kakkar of “Babuji” and “Mallika I Hate You” fame, another passionate Sufi singer beautifully blends in her unique voice and adds colour to Kailash Kher’s tone. That was Delhii Deights, Delhi with an additional ‘i’.

With these and other few lovely songs, there was an expectation from the movie. Keeping my expectations high I booked the tickets for last weekends show at the PVR and went for the movie with my house mates. The picturisation was amazing. The actors did some good soft acting on their part. The story revolved around a few people who lived in an apartment named so – Delhii Heights.

However apart from seeing some romantic scenes, there was nothing else to talk about. It turned out to be a simple story of people living in an apartment with the only pulling material being Rabbi Shergil’s music. The movie was over and then I thought that we should have watched it by getting a dvd from the nearby dvd parlour. Frankly speaking Neha Dhupia looked truly gorgeous and I was contented watching her in the big screen. Otherwise it was a total waste of money to have spent in a multiplex.


Contrary to this, the weekend before, we had gone to watch the movie “300” at the same multiplex. That was my first movie at a multiplex and what a way to start. A fantastic big screen movie pulled out of the history that can a make a man out of anybody. I still chew the valour of those 300 Spartans. And now Delhii Heights has taken me back to normal.

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