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Shameful New Year ’07 at The Gateway of India

The Gateway of India has seen many such crimes and it happened again at the onset of the year 2007.

A young lady accompanied by a male friend of hers was stripped and molested in front of the Gateway of India by a group of 70 drunk merrymakers as the whole world awaited the year 2007 to set in. The last night of 2006 has surely seen a horribly sour way of parting the year. There were some 1500 people out there these 70 or so folks didn’t mind to have their of making fun in such an immoral way. This went on for some 10 minutes. She screamed for help but all got drowned among those who outpowered her. The friend of hers tried to protect her but all in vain. They however managed to flee away and disappear from the crowd. But the damage was already done. A Mid-Day photographer, Shadab Khan, got this incident captured from a police watch tower and that ran up to stories on the forthcoming day.


70 to the rest of 1430 people and nobody cared to do anything for the lady’s rescue. What were the police constables doing then. Were they merrymaking too? The photographer was ashamed on seeing such a situation happening in his own city, which he had more than loved for so long. What might be the state of mind of the poor lady?

Shame to humanity. Its a shame that what should have been a peaceful and joyous new year celebration for all turned out to be the worst ever new year “celebration” for this young lady. Thats a limit to which people can go….in public. They were drunk and they took advantage of the dark skies. If anybody argues or points out about the kind of dress she was wearing, its just an excuse. What kind of dress anybody wears doesn’t matter. Even women clad in Sari’s get raped.

Hell knows what those 70 or so misbehaving people hoped to gain out of such a heinous crime in public as tearing off her clothes. Is that the way public enjoys the onset of the new year. I wonder what state of mind the unfortunate lady would be in now, after going through this horrible experience. Was that her new year wish to her from the madding crowd? Its a pain, agony, shock apart from being manhandled for her.

I was in Pondicherry the same night and saw that the security arrangements were quite good… case any unruly incident occured. Why couldn’t the authorities do something similar in the Maximum City? Steps could have been taken. Since this got captured through the lenses people came to know about it. Now who knows if any such incident had happened in other parts of the city or worse country! Things will go unknown unless reported.

Three days have gone since this happened and the police still are clueless. The victims hadn’t lodged a police complaint till now and may be they don’t show their face. The photographs taken by Shadab Khan clearly screams what had happened that night and yet police say they are unable to proceed due to lack of information.

I appeal the police system to take strict actions as fast as possible. Lets see the criminal minds face the judiciary system, or else faith on the system will go on declining further and may be tomorrow more such incidents would happen as the people would feel that nobody would take action. I hope the pair get justice, wherever they are now.


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