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All those Ups and Downs and a smile

The news has it. The verdict has it that Saddam is to be hanged till death. The BSE Sensex has not gained in the last two days. Though I haven't gone too much into other international trade centre indices, no significant effect in those trade circuits are apparent. So is there any relation between these. Relating Saddam being sentenced with the Dalal Street.

Gazing into the national circuit, sealing of unauthorised business properties in the national capital began on the 2nd week of November and of course was accompanied by resistance and protests. In fact events cover the newspapers and other news media every second. How do we relate one event to another.

There was terror also in the north east(not again) with the twin blasts in the Guwahati city, corridor of the north east. All the living souls (not the planters of course) still wonder what did they (ulfa) gain and dream to gain with such deadly outcomes. The one man all hated (referring to Saddam here) was too loud enough during his trial but when the final sentence of hanging was out, it had been low asking all fellow Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds to forgive, reconcile and shake hands.


Depression has set in for him. He knows his future now. His death sentence may be his punishment for all his (mis)deeds, but its debatable whether that would practically be of future benefit. I somehow have this belief that it might lead to more unstability and outrage among various clans. So what if Saddam has said to forgive. Saddam still has his bunch of followers and they would obviously do the needful(here assume whatever). And when his end is shorter, I happened to pounce onto a chronology of Saddam's life;. All of a sudden he is going to be history. Thats what comes into mind when you see Chronologies of any person, region or architectutal marvels.

Before my final lines are in, I cam upon a french blogger, Fer'o, who sends a wonderful message to all out there entangled in the web. He has for today to become a 360° Smile Day. A nice thought to spread around the world indeed. And before the day comes to an end, I would also be one to join his noble thought.


Lets do away with evil folks, Just get this smile.

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