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Errors after massive data crunching

Excel workouts

When you see massive chunks of formatted data and you know that something is wrong out there, there needs to be a way of proving or disproving your hypothesis. You have to find out something which is wrong in this huge chunk and there you would be in a very sorry position. Finding out problems and then the approach to rectify the problem is a pain in the ass for those who know this well. Common things to watch out for in such situation would be:

  • disect the formula(s) used part by part.
  • check out the references if any
  • check out the ranges if any
  • Be cautious of the data obtained using lookup’s and pivot tables’s. They are very handy tools but could lead one to some surprising(and unlikely) data.
  • Try redoing the same for one set of data and then compare with the exisiting ones to find if there is any dissimilarity.

Whatever be the scenario I have tried to sum up all mishaps in these few points and I am in no mood to elucidate over this now. These are what one may like to say “Just in case!!”Image
So next time you are asked to collect and make a presentation out of those horribly looking data, check out the points I have highlighted……just in case.

September 20, 2006 - Posted by | Analytics

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