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Errors after massive data crunching

Excel workouts

When you see massive chunks of formatted data and you know that something is wrong out there, there needs to be a way of proving or disproving your hypothesis. You have to find out something which is wrong in this huge chunk and there you would be in a very sorry position. Finding out problems and then the approach to rectify the problem is a pain in the ass for those who know this well. Common things to watch out for in such situation would be:

  • disect the formula(s) used part by part.
  • check out the references if any
  • check out the ranges if any
  • Be cautious of the data obtained using lookup’s and pivot tables’s. They are very handy tools but could lead one to some surprising(and unlikely) data.
  • Try redoing the same for one set of data and then compare with the exisiting ones to find if there is any dissimilarity.

Whatever be the scenario I have tried to sum up all mishaps in these few points and I am in no mood to elucidate over this now. These are what one may like to say “Just in case!!”Image
So next time you are asked to collect and make a presentation out of those horribly looking data, check out the points I have highlighted……just in case.


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Experiences with ICICI bank

Have been hearing a lot from the media about the great service being done by ICICI bank. Truly the bank had contributed much that has changed the scene of banking in the country. The reddish colour being flaunted by them has done well enough too in drawing the mass appeal.

On my personal front I have managed (I preferred to say it so) to have only a single link with them. I have taken up the ICICI prudential life insurance policy(The first life insurance I my life I have taken; Applause Image). And thankfully it has been going fine. Good for me…ha ha!

However,  of late I was being called upon by a lot of credit card agents (and I still worry whom they will hand over my cell number next).  Among those topped the ones from ICICI.
“Hello Sir, do you hold  an ICICI credit card….. it has so n so feature, this n that attractions so sir shall I send my agent to you…..Where are you working sir”
Likewise it all begins. I say “no I am not interested”. And one day I decided to go for it. Yeah I needed a credit card(Don't ask me why!). I took out some time from my precious schedules and gave whatever documents they asked from me. Couple of days later, I would get a call asking about my details on phone just for verification. I was all happy assuming things are going fine with my application.  One day this lady calls up and says that I would get a second round of verification call. Still not bad. Things rounded up here. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months. 2nd round of verification…huh….bull shit.

 I posted a complaint on their site and slowly the wheel moved again. Again they sent somebody to get my documents, went through those mindless phone calls and mail exchange too. And what do I get to hear from them at last.
Sorry your application has been rejected as you are not interested
Will somebody tell me “Why did I apply for it then?” “WHY??”
I wrote back and again similar texts were mailed to me.
“You application has been rejected as you were not contactable”
I say Bull shit.  “What are we doing through this mail system then?” So much for wasting my energy.

High on technology, low on customer service.Image

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