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Me, Myself and my Thoughts

It was last week that I felt I wasn't doing justice to myself. I drooled through numerous thoughts about what I have achieved till date and what I was in just couple of years back. Sometimes I question myself, “What all have I achieved?” To be precise, I am still not in a position to answer the question. Apparently I may be gaining or achieving things slowly and yet my feeling says I am not getting what I want. “What do I want?” Again, an unanswered question.

I have a job. I am earning (well) a moderately decent salary or rather should I say 'wage'. I have a lifestyle of my own. I go for shopping if I get into mood. I watch a movie, stare at pretty girls, have fun with my pals. Even then there's something I miss out here. Can't say exactly what it is. May be my mom, may be my relatives, may be my cousins bro's and sis' or maybe a girlfriend. Whatever it is, I suppose its yet to come in my life. I hope so.

Patience is sweet and at the same time intolerable at times.


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